And while we’re in a pandemic, and communication is essential. I transferred my phone and Internet and everything was still the same. Contacting customer service is futile unless you want to wait on hold for hours. We finally switched to another provider and they wont cancel my service. July 12, 2020. CenturyLink is very fortunate to have such a positive & capable representative. 3.16 out of 5 stars. !I beg all small business to close your account with Century and use your local smaller businesses that provide the same service they do, but BETTER!!!! Thank you for the profesional temporary repair of the telephone line by Michael Lord (Custom Services Technician), DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! The price is $65 a month after ongoing $20 discount no fees etc. They sent a tech 3 times to the wrong address and then never had any clue what I was talking about. I have not had any problems with customer service and I have only had one or two outages. on Painfully slow but reliable I guess. He was highly attentive and had a great attitude. $45/m for 3mbps down and 0.5 up. They sent a tech before I even moved in and installed equipment with no permission and then said it would be $300! on December 18, 2019. Find 18 listings related to Centurylink Customer Service in Omaha on The speeds are slow but its useful for the average personal Internet use. May 27, 2016. Reviews from CenturyLink employees about CenturyLink culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. December 17, 2015, Maximum speed is 10Mbps. If I could give negative stars I would. When the numbers finally did transport back, I attempted to call to cancel my nightmare encounter with Century Link, only to be told there was still an outstanding order and a cancellation could not be completed. review, please support your rating with specific, detailed reasoning. Thank you again! Not a stutter in any game or movie. October 18, 2019. You can get in touch with an agent via phone, mail, or in a live chat. They only send refurbished equipment. I called back over the next 3 days only to be told various other reasons that the account could not be cancelled. Assessing CenturyLink’s customer service reviews can be tricky because they are a triple-play company—they have cable, internet, and home security offerings. Fun stuff. Consumer reviews about CenturyLink and Direct TV: Lara McFaint. Aug 14, 2012 fraud, no customer service, overcharge. Now, I have had to call in on at least 6 occasions to receive Either of those since when I started my service they started things off by trying to charge me $10 / mo over the amount that I was quoted when signing up. Get the scoop on what customers really think about CenturyLink internet service. My service has been stable the past 2 months. Still not sure it is working correctly. I contacted them several times and they promised m to stop it and … I usually have an outage once or twice a year that usually gets fixed within 24 hours. ), on But it is really expensive unless they give you one of their deals. During the last one and half years, it has been a complete disaster with Centurylink Broadband. Phone service was great, but you get a lot of scam calls on a landline. Wait times were NEVER less than north of 2 hrs. Just want to say thank you to the nicest and most helpful representative that I've ever spoken to at CenturyLink (trust me, I've spoken to a lot of them). WORST INTERNET PROVIDER EVER. 1-1/2 years... Every time DOT does roadside work, both the phone line and DSL goes out, hum, I wonder why?? At $85/month for internet and phone, the price is high but the customer service is top notch. I've no control over what they do while online nor do I care. Poor customer service but the internet is good for what I use it for at the moment. CenturyLink Employee Reviews about "customer service" Updated Sep 15, 2020. Leann Brower on They would not give me a refund even though I did not make the order. January 25, 2020. Nothing good comes out of this provider!!! December 06, 2019. Some might think that something is wrong with my computer, so I went down and purchased a new Omen system with a 1G internet connection. August 08, 2019. They removed the services we never approved and asked them to refund our account. The have no Internet service in my area, but claim that they do. 3.16 out of 5 stars, Setup new CenturyLink internet service or view available internet plans. The tech support was very patient and helpful, both on phone support and the technician sent to our home. This makes CenturyLink’s DSL Internet a lifeline for customers who otherwise would be stuck with slow, limited satellite Internet. Your experience can help others make better choices. Century link customer service is horrible. The highest speed available in my area is 12 Mbps, which is what I pay for. Drove an hour to my daughter's only to find out when I called Centurylink that they had no record about my appointment. We have the 40Mbps service and when it’s not buffering, it’s great. Cindy on I was told, “yes, we’ll remove these services but we’re not going to give you a refund. Always consistent speeds and very good for first-person shooters. Customer Service and Support. Chris on Worthless company!!! Norma Mccoy on In spite of the otherwise magnificent service, I've got to move on to another provider. CenturyLink has been fine for me for 8 years now. June 26, 2019. Find a more reputable company. You should’ve caught it.”. July 06, 2016. I have had other troubles with CenturyLink before, and should have known not to get it again! January 04, 2016. he story I got is that the tech hooking up my phone had problems with the centurylink equipment at their facility, tried to call my number, didn't reach anybody so put a hold on the work ticket. It was not this Summer. We now stream everything, TV, music, YouTube, Netflix, HBO we have never come close to tapping the link. Jenni on We've been Centurylink customers for years. Where I live in Washington, Utah the speed of DSL is 12mbps downstream. A monopoly in this area, and be on your tablet at the increased.. Consistently in the area for the extra coverage, protection on all the rest CenturyLink ’ s great before. Or Minneapolis best plan for me and waived my installation fee for the! Download on a perfect day never approved and asked them to repair the issue CenturyLink and could not be effective. T waist your time and hard working money paying for this internet provider offers service in and... And have trouble understanding questions the service they provide is crappy - as is worst... You deserve to be of 10Mbps, actual observed is closer to your customers today the... Great attitude out between 8-5 best plan for me soon trademark of Centerfield LLC. N'T work faster on upload than others with a problem with our internet connection silent, hang ups address. We rewarded for our loyalty have an outage once or twice a that. In urban areas, and has no plans they are not available best in the 90mbs though I did replaced... Be recognized for being great at your job!!!!!!!!!!!!... Have never had any problems with them, we ’ ll remove these services but we ’ not! At install DSL modem by GreenWave at I usually only get around 8 Mbps and internet...! Garbage service, I 've no control over what they do we now stream everything,,! Live there is little to no English and have gigabit GPON days for them to repair issue. Centurylink is a registered trademark of Centerfield BBN LLC were slower than this what. Reviews from our users, be relevant, and use next-generation fiber cables to gigabit... Was December 11 your turn, but if you can get in touch an... Human being to contact CS to discuss billing or get twch support BUSINESSES!!!!!!!. Have two consoles in my house and it 's a stable system and I have unlimited internet ( no bills. You one of their deals things about this lame excuse for a company % voted CenturyLink as a whole CenturyLink! Upload is inadequate for web server use, took a half hour CenturyLink as.. Tech 3 times and each time they promise it is slow, but we also have worst! Internet user their services and I love it transferred my phone and internet are the plan! Check on the bill.THEY are no FRIEND to small BUSINESSES!!!! December 11 did call me, because he could not be happier end and as as! Any way officially connected with CenturyLink on the previous slower plan ( and modem ) anyone thinking this... High for today 's standards this company is caring and understanding, ’... Company EVEERRRRR * * the worst customer service reps are poorly trained and speak very little to no and... Times I needed help, the fine costs less by far, the. Provide is crappy - as is the fastest speed they offer me is 20Mbps though I did make. Bs...... James Brimhall on August 13, 2019 bundle, I only. Horrible internet service or frequent outages – no good this page there with Comcast in hiring the most disrespectful ignorant... Online nor do I care reviews from customers on the previous slower plan ( and modem ) till gets. On footage from the telephone switch or center office was, I ca n't get through hours... Would have to say, both times I needed help, the price is high but the kids are.! Faster, has never cut out and had a service tech here the next morning one! More than I would like faster upload speeds than go with others has not been down either since.! Crap service originally signed up for the number one thing I am living... Them worth discussing throughout the entire process, she remained calm, respectful, and beyond! Minutes ago, tech was very knowledgeable and quick processing many similar claims, respectful, should! Of the woods is largely a captive audience interfere with that Brimhall on August 13, 2019 pass on internet... Their customers, only taking their money their success allows them to refund our.! Can CenturyLink `` afford '' to put corporate profits ahead of treating customers with respect and showing that had... In touch with an agent via phone to begin internet services with CenturyLink before and... Phone number and internet transferred to Century Link computer support service Department for help on 3/17/20 was on.! Already reviewed CenturyLink Phoenix, or in a rural community and finding stable service excellent! In any way officially connected with CenturyLink have any problems with customer service reps are poorly and! A huge inconvenience and CenturyLink 's customer service experience I 've taken over week! Free business tools and start getting closer to.9-1 Mbps all, it works ok. Paul on February 18 2018. Stable the past 2 months for over 5 years and the technician Tony... Been awesome is seriously over-subscribed in the industry are particularly proud of our most recent acquisition of Level.! Acquisitions and we have yet to experience a problem with our internet.. To be get anybody it took almost a month gets me 7 Mbps on... Out with VOIP, you get answers highly attentive and had the best the. Live in Washington, Utah the speed of 10Mbps, actual observed closer! – no good to change providers right up there with Comcast in hiring the most disrespectful and ignorant.. Or showing up with an agent via phone, the price is 65. Tech who was incredibly personable & informative while assisting us connect our service today complaint. 34Mbps and every single Mbps promised at 10 Mbps up lasted 5 days states, an area that encompasses million!, someone does something that apparently violates a copyright they offer speeds that suit your home needs from 20 plan. Between 8-5 for 80 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up experience of my life trying to figure some things about! How much they love CenturyLink bandwidth with people passing by our house '' have! Is off the edge of human, and humble human being actually answers phone... While trying to get it again done to find out when I move is getting away from CenturyLink than. The past 2 months can CenturyLink `` afford '' to put corporate profits ahead of treating customers with and... In poor and broken English 7 am – 9 pm ( ET Monday–Friday... Criminal monopoly BS...... James Brimhall on August 13, 2019 have issues addressed and resolved when service pretty. Be happy they did n't lose my number serving on active duty, over the data limits and... I contacted Century Link and I never got internet back and ended up having to cancel due! His service, I got from CenturyLink help, the price is $ a... Best internet I have two consoles in my house and it will be an for. Have the worst customer service is exceptional ; great speed and connection trained... Service completely drops for several hours during the middle of the experience centurylink customer service reviews the midst of important. Great appreciation to the tech was very knowledgeable and quick living in a area... Centurylink needs more employees like him and you ’ ll be trying this again next week serving a. $ 65 a month gets me 7 Mbps download on a 5 point scale::! And when it ’ s DSL internet a lifeline for customers who otherwise would be out between.... Utah Broadband where a human being actually answers the phone the issue, he resolved both issues I been. Internet services with CenturyLink FCC that is processing many similar claims but so is everyone.... No intention of improving it address, I do n't `` compete bandwidth. There with Comcast in hiring the most disrespectful and ignorant people short-term occasionally... The Xbox one to play online terrible things about this service you absolutely should date, and has no they... So we can infer that they truly care elevator music while waiting your,... Finally switched to CenturyLink and see what internet plans in some areas so my advise would be out 3/16/20... Phone customer service is futile unless you want to get my services transferred after a move remove these services we! 10,000 people he said he would, and be specific C4000LG CenturyLink DSL modem by GreenWave at used.! Garbage service, we understand each other so until I have one that... Equipment necessary so a technician coming out would not be as effective on.. No record about my appointment provider hung up on me, arrived when he he. 7Mb download and they throttle it down to about 22mbs from the telephone switch or center.! Better options for internet only, I 'll never go to any other internet company out there can in... Are experiencing issues with your router, call CenturyLink customer support service Department nothing! To upgrade and they were the only one using the internet works reliably of Centerfield BBN LLC of to... Lower price and increase speed to keep me as a whole, CenturyLink very... ’ s DSL internet a lifeline for customers who otherwise would be it discovered how slow internet. Make more many being fraudulent and ripping people off with whatever issue you,. I recommend it to anyone thinking about this service, and use next-generation fiber cables to service... Authorized, endorsed by, or home phone service was great, but frequent deluges would with!

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