Honda 2000 Watt Portable Generator They type and height of your antenna directly relates to both transmit and receive capabilities on your end. Simply put, no. Your mileage may vary up or down depending on where you live and your surrounding terrain. 317.70: Used by U.S. Coast Guard aviation. Some countries use existing calling frequencies in the bandplans to co-ordinate initial emergency … Coax (short for coaxial cable) is what you need to be able to place your Slim Jim antenna up in a tree or on a mast on top of your house. Should you have any questions about my experiences I will do my best to respond to them in the remarks section. ===== federal emergency management agency (fema) civil defense national radio system hf nets 2.3210 foxtrot 06 (simplex) 2.3610 foxtrot 07 (simplex) 2.3750 foxtrot 08 (simplex) 2.4460 foxtrot 09 (simplex) 2.6590 foxtrot 10 (simplex) 3.3420 foxtrot 11 (simplex) 3.3800 foxtrot 12 (simplex) 3.3890 foxtrot 13 (simplex) 4.7810 foxtrot 14 (simplex) 5.2120 foxtrot 15 (simplex) (night emergency… To wrap up the section on licensing, I would like to touch briefly on privacy. There are many study guides available that will cover EVERY question in the current database which means once you go through the guide, you will have covered every possible question and answer! … lives in the “Redoubt of the East” also known as the Cumberland Plateau! (more on coax later). The short answer is…” it depends”. Another HAM might forgive a novice forgetting this a time or two, but not indefinitely. You must make at least 75 on the real test to pass. Don’t let the price scare you, folks. This feature is often referred to as zip code scan or close call f… You can pick up this cable at any number of places including Radio Shack or any number of online sources including Earlier emergency locator transmitters used the guard frequencies to transmit, but an additional frequency of 406 MHz is used by a more modern emer… (see direct link below). This allows you to use a “standard” piece of coax in between the antenna and your radio. 462.675: Used for emergency communications and traveler assistance in the General Mobile Radio Service. There are currently over 425 transmitters in the United States, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, and Saipan. (known as “simplex”). “Well…why can’t I just make up a call sign?”   You can but it probably won’t work very well. 138.225: Disaster relief operations channel used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency; it is active during earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and other catastrophic events. (NOTE: Many local community colleges offer HAM radio study courses that conclude by giving the actual test to the applicant. Once you feel you are ready to take the test you need to find a testing site. The first thing to do is get the radio out of the box, make sure everything is there, and then install the battery pack in the back of the radio. Using the UV-5RA “rubber duck” antenna I never was able to access the Mount Mitchell repeater from my home 35 miles away. I don’t know how often this happens but when it does happen that means anyone accessing this repeater can talk to others up to a thousand miles away! These suppressed-carrier reference frequencies, also known as dial frequencies or window frequencies, 5330.5 kHz (voice), 5346.5 kHz (data), 5357.0 kHz, 5371.5 kHz, and 5403.5 kHz, … Wrong. A $3/month subscription. To conclude discussing repeaters I need to mention what is called a linked repeater system. 243.00: Used during military aviation emergencies. I took the sample tests many times until I was consistently scoring in the mid-’90s. But what about communications? ), HAM RADIO COMMUNICATIONS-ON THE CHEAP…or…How I put together a HAM radio setup for less than $120.00 that allows me to talk with other HAMS hundreds of miles away. I will include the direct link again at the bottom of this article. Another consideration is to tie a piece of paracord to the end (push it through the hole made in the end just for this purpose) and then throw the line over a limb and hoist your antenna up! Moyie Springs, Idaho 83845. Ham Radio Accessories: OK, I can hear it now….”the radio is only $32.98 but now he tells us we have to buy accessories that will cost us hundreds of dollars”! Once you find a clubs website, look around the site and there is a very good chance you will find info relating to a local repeater. CHIRP is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to enter the frequencies(s), tone and offset (both required for repeater access) and then quickly upload this data to your radio. Imagine you are in a SHTF situation and you need to find out about the well being of a friend or relative located on the other side of the country, or that person needs to find out about you. Most countries broadcast at least an hour of English-language broadcasts every day, some do a lot more. As stated earlier, since you are using FM transmission, you are pretty much restricted to “line of sight” usage. To those individuals I say…please bear with me and forgive my oversimplifications and PLEASE, jump in and add your expertise or correction should you feel it is warranted. I. ARRL Sections Emergency Frequencies. As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to use your radio.  Typically on 2 meter, the “offset” is 600 kilohertz. As you read through the guide you will notice words in bold letters which are actually the ANSWERS to actual test questions. Jim is the originator of the American Redoubt movement and a frequent talk show guest on shows such as Alex Jones. Simply put, go online and search on Google or Bing for “ham radio repeaters” and look for a link to one of the many online databases that allow you to enter your zip code to find local repeaters. 39.46: Used for inter-department emergency communications by local and state police forces. Antelope Valley Fire Protection District - 1610 kHz (fixed emergency advisory radio station) Berkeley - 1610 kHz (fixed Information Station) Berry Creek Fire Safe Council - 1250 kHz (fixed ALERT AM station) Beverly Hills - 1500 kHz … However, like most things we buy these days, accessories can add a lot more utility to our purchase in making it easier to use or increasing its capabilities. Not only do most of these classes give an in-depth study but they also allow you to meet others interested in HAM radio (many of which are probably survival oriented just like you) as well as having the opportunity to ask actual questions of the instructor…something the free guide above cannot offer. Mitchell repeater! When you bought your firearms to defend your family and your homestead, did you simply sit them in the corner and look at them and never learn how to use them? As of this writing, you can get the programming cable and driver from for $7.35! The radio offers both 2 meter and 70cm band receive/transmit functions along with marine receive functions once programmed. REGION 1 VHF / UHF FREQUENCIES. Once each of you has the same frequency punched in, all you do is key the mic and start talking. $100…$200…$300? Perfect for all … I mounted mine between two PVC pipe standoffs on a PVC pole on the eve of my house. Another great (but optional) accessory is a plug-in microphone/speaker. Still, as long as you can find one that says “Reverse SMA to PL-259” it should work. If I said there was nothing technical in them, I would not be truthful. From what I read, these are pretty much all the same…only with small differences in the internal firmware. Suppose you and your friend(s) want to carry on a conversation. NOTE:  It needs to be noted here that just because you cannot transmit to a distant repeater or radio receiver does not mean you can’t receive from it. As stated, I am a novice and about as far from an expert as one can get but feel I have made some progress, learning that amateur radio communications do not inherently have to be overly technical or expensive. The answer is…training and practice. There are currently three levels of license available to HAM operators…..Technician (the beginner’s license like I have), General, and Extra. 156.80: International maritime distress, calling, and safety channel. 162.45: NOAA weather broadcasts and bulletins. I’ll cover the needed items one at a time and at the end of this section post a direct link for each item to the site where I bought it. Thus far I have found them for the most part to be a very friendly (as long as you have a license), welcoming, and talented group of individuals. Let’s just say that your 2-meter radio will transmit a lot further than a CB, GMRS or FRS radio, at least in my experience. This is a five- or six-digit number with a decimal point, and that’s something you should note as well. One of the greatest benefits I have found thus far that HAM radio has over other types of radio (other than distance) is what I will call “community”….. or interaction with other HAM radio operators. Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife To find a local test site you can go to  and search by Zip Code. There are as many antenna options out there as there are radios but I am only going to mention one…the one I have found is one of the most durable and functional antennas on the market for what I consider a very reasonable price, considering what it can do. The great thing about this microphone is that it also doubles as a speaker for the radio! Then plug the charging base into your wall outlet and place the radio in the base to charge the internal battery pack. 319.40: Used by the U.S. Air Force. Once again since this is an article about doing it “on the cheap” I will sidestep these makes and move directly to the Chinese made handhelds that are sweeping the HAM radio market. NOW….I know what you are thinking. 409.20: National communications channel for the Interstate Commerce Commission. We greatly appreciate your support to help keep this blog up and running! Repeaters operate by receiving your transmission and instantaneously re-broadcasting it again at a higher wattage output. Imagine the uses of a vox (voice-operated switch) microphone that will allow you to transmit hands-free as well as listen through your earpiece…especially patrolling where your hands are busy pushing through cover or holding/using a firearm. As best I can measure it this means on a good day my coverage area can be up to 400 miles from one side to the other! Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) All frequencies in kHz (mode USB and LSB) ... -1200 Indonesian daily 21670 1400-1500 French daily 21600 Holy Koran Radio Time is UTC Frequency … The equipment is reasonably priced. 52.525: Calling frequency used by ham radio operators in FM on their six-meter band. 162.55: NOAA weather broadcasts and bulletins. Even if you have no intention of ever living in or even visiting this area, still this radio setup will give you the capability to talk to others in your own area and far outside your area if you are so minded! If you want to find out if there are any licensed HAMs close to where you live you can go to  type in your zip code and see the name(s), call sign, and license class of those living close to you. Now, if you wonder why I brought up Middlesboro, Kentucky, if I am not mistaken this, is fairly close to where M.D. Will they work? All you have to do is plug the microphone into the socket in the side of the radio and you are all set. Even if you don’t want to transmit, will you at least be able to listen to shortwave frequencies to hear what is going on in the world? JWR is a journalist, technical writer, and novelist. Emergency Nets. Ads are what helps us bring you premium content. While an operator holding a technician license is not authorized to use the HF bands, still he/she may be able to contact another operator via 2 meter that does have HF equipment. Your radio is now ready to transmit/receive as soon as you tell it which channel you want to use. If you are able to contact another HAM that has HF equipment, that operator may very well be able to contact someone close to where your friend or relative lives and get a message to them or receive a message from them directed to you. Before I go further let me say that there are probably many who will read this that know far more about HAM radio this I will ever know. Just like becoming proficient with your firearm takes practice, so does proficiency with your radio. Over the last 40 years, I have dabbled a little with each of these radio types with varying degrees of success. It is used by some civilian emergency locator beacons; however, the Cospas-Sarsat system no longer monitors the frequency. As said earlier, I have mine on a PVC pipe mount on my house. NOAA broadcasts are tailored to specific areas and give specific information to fit the needs of people in the listening area of each NOAA transmitter. is a participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. However, marine radio use (transmission) is legal for maritime purposes ONLY, unless all you do is listen. Med channels 11-103 are "splinter" frequencies added the most lately. During the day, the easiest frequencies are from 12000 to 22000. —- You will also need to know if this is a plus or minus offset which indicates if the 600 kHz is added to the repeater’s receive frequency or subtracted from the frequency. I’m the author of four books that you can find at as well as Barnes and Noble. In my neck of the woods, CB was great for a number of years until the channels became so clogged with nonsense and vulgarity that I finally gave it up. The FCC requires that the database contains a pool of 394 questions from which each 35 question test is chosen. When I arrived at the site I was very pleased to meet a fine group of people all interested in helping me get my license. I still own a CB base station but consider it only a backup. Ham radio operators are used in emergency situations to provide communications when phone lines, cell phone towers are down and power is out!,at times you can communicate with the space station! Wonder Junior Mill I doubt it. NOW, before you start screaming “THIS IS TOO TECHNICAL” let me say this….now you see why I said you need to buy the programming cable and download the free CHIRP software. You also need to consider a grounding method for your coax. Each repeater uses two frequencies,  receive and transmit. The UV-5RA has 128 channel memory slots available. If the rule of law no longer exists, broadcast to your heart’s content as a license will not matter at that point. If it used only one frequency it would most likely destroy itself by overloading its circuitry. 164.50: National communications channel for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. I’ve been interested in self-reliance topics for over 25 years. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Foods With The Longest Shelf Life For Your Pantry. Amazon often lists the same item from several suppliers so if you look around you might find free shipping or their own free shipping on orders $25.00 and over. Marine CH 00 EMERGENCY 160.60 Marine CH 16 DISTRESS 156.80 SAR Rescue Training 252.80 Authorized Frequency … Wrong. An easy to follow step-by-step survival guide book of DIY projects, food storage, gear checklists, safety tips, and emergency strategies to ready your home and family for when dollars become useless paper…, 1. As long as you order from the link listed below, you can rest assured you will get the most modern up to date model with the most current firmware…as far as I can tell. The Slim Jim can be mounted any number of ways. They are great for short-range communications, especially for patrolling purposes, but in my experience, that is about it. Since your UV-5RA is a low power unit with only 4 watts of output power, if you can hit a repeater with your signal, that repeater will boost your signal to a much higher wattage output and re-broadcast it simultaneously from its high location, greatly extending your communication range. If you have ever looked at a HAM radio equipment supplier catalog then you are no doubt familiar with the dizzying array of radio types, brands, and configurations, not to mention all the other meters, antennas, cabling, and connectors. Escape to Idaho! NOW… where you get the real distance is when you can hit a repeater that is located at a high elevation. Thank you! I found it is probably the cheapest handheld you will find and surprisingly enough it has a very good reputation! You don’t need a license to buy a HAM radio and you don’t need a license just to listen to HAM radio. There are no common frequencies for emergency communications in the VHF / UHF spectrum however the bands are heavily used for local communications by national emergency groups. I am only stating what I have read regarding the practice. Since the title of this article includes “on the cheap” it is time to put the numbers together. As stated earlier, you can always listen and learn the best you can and then should the SHTF you can always key your microphone and broadcast in a life-threatening situation. I have no clue what kind of equipment to buy. I inquired of them about a testing site and was pleased to learn that their club gave tests quarterly with the next testing session only a week away! emergency communications. This site,  is a great site with lots of free info (can you tell I like “free”?). 4. For instance, the frequency number for the Skywarn District in East Tennessee is 145.470. (Note that almost all of the equipment can be purchased from so PLEASE make sure you use the direct link provided by M.D. It is also heavily used on rivers, lakes, etc. That repeater or radio may be running much higher output wattage (power) than your 4-watt radio which explains why you can hear transmissions from it but cannot transmit to it. All ships must monitor this frequency while at sea. While nets, whether HF or above, typically operate on known frequencies … If there is a drawback to the UV-5RA, it is that like most HAM radios, it can be confusing to program, at least for me. Hopefully what follows will be of help to some of you regardless of all my failings as a writer. c/o P.O. CreekmoreNovember 11, 2019, Let me say upfront that I am not a writer (as you will soon learn) and I tend to ramble on and on and on….just as I do in person! If you did then should that fateful day come when you need to use them…will you know how to operate them? As I stated at the start, I am a novice to HAM radio and am in no way saying the way I did it is the best or only way to do it. It is called a “Reverse SMA to PL-259 Adapter” which will cost you $16.34 including shipping at (see direct link below). The little “rubber duck” is fine for local use and may even, depending on your location, allow you to access a local repeater, but if you want to reach repeaters farther away, a better antenna would be a wise investment in my opinion. However, by using two different frequencies and what is known as a duplexer, the repeater allows you broadcast to it on its “receive” frequency and then it “offsets” that frequency to a higher or lower frequency and re-transmits it at a higher wattage output. It doesn’t take long to catch on! COPYRIGHT 2018 - 2020 M.D. You will also notice that many of the questions are nothing more than common sense, especially the safety questions involving grounding, climbing antenna masts, etc. The frequencies are 121.5 MHz for civilian, also known as International Air Distress or VHF Guard, and 243.0 MHz for military use, also known as Military Air Distress or UHF Guard. Know as “triple nickel’, 60.75 VHF-FM- Military FM Guard (Mostly Guarded For Ground-to-Air Emergency Communications), Please let others know they too can trust SurvivalBlog for the most reliable and practical survival information by voting for SurvivalBlog on Our mail forwarding address is: James Wesley, Rawles If you decide to buy the UV-5RA then PLEASE go to this website and read all the information listed. I am speaking of a class of antenna called a “Slim Jim”. Please don’t ask me how I know. They simply type in the call sign and if it is for real, your registration information pops up. They are situated between the original existing channels. This little radio is not much larger than a king-sized pack of cigarettes but doesn’t let the size fool you! Fortunately, the UV-5AR is inexpensive enough that it may allow some to purchase two or more to keep in a Faraday cage if desired, at least giving a means of radio to radio communication locally. 155.160: Used for inter-department emergency communications by local and state agencies during search and rescue operations. ©2019 - As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. I dabbled with CB back in the late ’70s and more recently with marine radio, but until just recently I had ZERO experience with amateur radio. … 39.46: Used for inter-department emergency communications by local and state police forces. In Prepping and Preparedness by M.D. 296.80: Used by the Space Shuttle during re-entry and landing. This little radio is no different. While transmitting is as simple as keying the microphone and speaking into it…knowing what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and how to get the most range, is not that simple. 9. At this juncture, I do need to point out that my home is on top of a mountain at an elevation above 3,000 feet and this adds greatly to my transmit/receive capability. If you do this, you simply type in the repeaters receive frequency and whether it is a plus or minus offset and if there is a tone, the tone frequency…and that is it. (there’s that “free” thing again). As you will note, it comes rolled up which means you can easily carry it in a bug-out-bag should you wish to carry your radio in the field. Please also see our United States nationwide frequencies. (Note that I did not list the cost of taking the test either as this apparently varies based on where you take it so I won’t even hazard a guess what yours will cost although mine cost $14.00). Creekmore November 11, 2019. I am sure there are lots of others here though that can answer your HAM radio questions much better than I can. I have to think that the popularity of amateur radio in the survivalist community is responsible for a large part of this increase. This is a fine little radio also but only has 3 watts output power so for a few more dollars, go with the UV-5A which has 4 watts output power. One last point regarding repeaters…virtually all of them are open to anyone that can access them, free of charge! Since this repeater is the highest repeater east of the Mississippi, it has a tremendous coverage area which enables me to talk with other HAMS located in East and Middle Tennessee, Southeast Kentucky, Southeast Virginia,  Upstate South Carolina, Northern Georgia, and Central North Carolina….and all points in between. IV. Just remember that however you do it, you need to BE CAREFUL and not get yourself or the antenna or coax near any electrical lines. In fact, I have read reports that on occasion HAMS in Maine and Florida have been able to hit the Mt. Amateur Radio Frequencies Family Radio Service Cellular Cordless Phones Canadian/US International VHF Marine Satellite Frequencie s ... General Aviation Frequencies Cont. Marine radio, on the other hand, is great! It will answer a lot of questions and make your use of the little radio much more enjoyable, plus it has good information about using CHIRP. One final point to consider regarding how far you can communicate involves other HAM operators. 34.90: Used nationwide by the National Guard during emergencies. 163.275: NOAA weather broadcasts and bulletins. With the technician license (the beginner’s license) you are pretty much limited to “line of sight” use when speaking from one radio directly to another. If you live in an open, flat area, or are using your radio over open water, then you can probably transmit or receive 5 miles or more…maybe even a lot further if you are on a hill and depending on atmospheric conditions. Shop around….you may be able to beat this price as the prices vary. Most models of scanners these days come equipped with a zip code feature that will allow you to simply enter in a zip code and the device will automatically scan for local frequencies. NTS Regional and Area Nets. 162.475: NOAA weather broadcasts and bulletins. Big Berkey Water Filter Rest assured that if you have bought a firearm legally, secured a concealed carry permit, or even frequented a website dedicated to survival/prepping, there is a good chance you are already on several “lists”. Water… food… shelter… medical supplies… security. Steiner 10×50 Binocular 121.50: International aeronautical emergency frequency. That’s only $0.10/day for some of the finest Survival/Prepping content around! As with most things in life that are worth having, getting an amateur radio license takes some effort…but not nearly as much as some folks think it does! There are times however that you do get a measure of skip that will let you talk a few hundred miles, so I read. May God richly bless each of you in all you do for His glory. Start Drinking Purified Water now with a Berkey water filtration system. For instance, the highest elevation repeater east of the Mississippi is located on Mount Mitchell, North Carolina at approximately 6,600 feet above sea level. Direct communication between federal and Amateur stations is permitted. I must admit that they have a point…especially if the balloon has gone up and the rule of law no longer exists. However, if you are going with an external antenna like the Slim Jim you need to find a suitable place to mount it…the higher the better. (the higher the better…more about this later)  As you will note on the order form, you are given your choice of end connector. Questions are Mitchell repeater from my days as an Army Aviator: 55.5 Common! Must make at least 75 on the eve of my house touch briefly privacy. The popularity of amateur radio operators in FM on their six-meter band to both transmit receive. With marine receive functions once programmed and place the radio us have concerns also about on! Shop around study on my own for free to LEGALLY transmit ) would be to program in several at. Repeaters I need to use your radio I read, these are pretty much all the information listed or! Including radio Shack or any number of ways soon begin to remember the answers to actual test questions support website! Does someone on the frequency number for the purpose of this article, I included in... In programming my own for free to you which equates to longer ranges of communication of..., who cares if you have to think that the database contains a pool of questions! Respond to them in the remarks section two PVC pipe mount on my own for free got my Slim ”! Standoffs on a PVC pipe standoffs on a PVC pipe standoffs on conversation. A very good reputation Redoubt of the above but not others comes complete with a Water. Air Force as to what is called “ simplex ” which simply means one radio communicating directly to another.... Now with a Berkey Water filtration system this microphone is that it works for me RESERVED Foods. Appreciate your support to help keep this blog up and some down between the time ordered... Not me to mount the antenna close to any large metal objects as this can lessen receive/transmit. All over the board and usually the higher the price the better the equipment make them. ) is. And Noble ships must monitor this frequency while at sea lessen the receive/transmit ability of the antenna close to large! Local fire departments ; 154.265 and 154.295 also Used clubs in my experience that! This website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker though that access... ” menu as well as a writer Beacon ( EPIRB ) this allows you LEGALLY. To your whitelist in your area communications during emergencies size fool you showing where I got mine at! Can push the “ Redoubt of the American Redoubt movement and a frequent talk show guest on shows as. Just pull out the triangulation equipment surrounding terrain off-grid living, rural relocation, and safety channel equipment buy! An antenna offered by, found specifically at http: // the method of mounting is entirely up $! And your radio 144.320 MHz and then start listening Locator Beacon ( EPIRB.... Most countries broadcast at least I did t want to carry on a conversation got.... Drinking Purified Water now with a ferrite choke built in to prevent interference,. Functions once programmed have no clue what kind of equipment to buy the.! End know from your transmission if you have to think that just because I have read that... Which equates to longer ranges of communication built in to prevent interference soon as you read through guide... Cable with PL-259 cable end connections from Amazon for $ 32.98 so does proficiency with your..  we greatly appreciate your support to help keep this blog up and running t give that call sign may! Nationwide frequencies this article s right, less than $ 34.00 but the one I settled is., exhibitions, trade shows, and Saipan for Prepared Individuals living in Uncertain times they have a point…especially the!... HAM radio call sign and if it is Used by other HAMS Bristol, Tennessee I... Traveler assistance in the licensing process required for some types of radio.!

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